Building instructions

The software is tested mostly in Linux and Windows OS. It requires some pre-requisite software to be installed before compiling. The steps to build the project in Linux and Windows are explained below.


  1. CMake version 3.13 or higher.
  2. Git.
  3. C++ compiler with C++11 support
  4. NASM assembly compiler (for x86 SIMD support)

The following C++11 compilers have been known to work:

Execute Build

The following commands will checkout the project source code and create a directory called ‘build’ where the compiler output will be placed. CMake is then used for generating build files and compiling the VCA binaries.

$ git clone
$ cd VCA
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ../
$ cmake --build .

This will create VCA binaries in the VCA/build/source/apps/ folder.

Docker Build

VCA can also be used via a Docker container that is build with the Dockerfile found in the root directory.

Simply execute the command docker build --tag vca . to build the container.

Note that the videos that should be analysed already need to be inside the videos directory, since they will be copied into the container.

Afterwards, enter the Docker container in an interactive session via docker run --rm -it vca. The VCA binary and the videos that are to be analysed are found in the directory that is opened with the before mentioned command.